ATEM Car Club Mint Information

All drivers to the briefing room, it’s time to reveal the ATEM Car Club mint information.

ATEM Car Club
3 min readMay 6, 2022


After an exciting 6 months of development, we can confirm we are ready.

ATEM Car Club memberships can be forged by those who choose to join the ATEM Car Club in what is a very exciting moment in technology and community evolution.

We believe this is our chance to redefine car culture for today and the future, in digital and reality.

We hope you are all prepared for the journey ahead, we think it is going to be a lot of fun.

We know that the community within our core ecosystem is growing quickly on a daily basis. To ensure we create as much connection to the utility of this Club and Game and Ecosystem we have designed a robust distribution process for the ATEM Memberships.

- The mint price per membership card is 2384 ASTO — the mint is exclusively in ASTO.

- The total supply of the collection is 12,455

- Available for minting is 10,000

- Airdropped 1,455

- Special partnership 1,000

ASTO utility will become an important part of the ATEM Club and Game economy.

ASM Brains will become an essential utility in the future of the racing game being developed.

ASM Brain holders will be given a short period of time at the beginning of the sale to mint.

ASM Brain Mint Access

- May 15th 9 AM NZT(May 14th 2 PM PDT, May 14th 11 PM CET)

- ASM Brain holders will be given 4 hours to mint membership cards. The number of membership cards ASM Brain holders can mint will be a 1:1 claim against every ASM Brain that is held in your wallet.

- Maximum 5 Memberships can be minted per transaction.

- 2384 ASTO per mint

Public Sale

- May 15th 1 PM NZT(May 14th 6 PM PDT, May 15th 3 AM CET) after the whitelist 4 hour timeframe has finished

- Open public mint to all wallets until sold out

- Maximum 5 mints per transaction

- 2384 ASTO per mint

The sale will be opened up to everyone after the ASM brain mint access 4-hour allocation. We know there will be significant demand for memberships with an ever-growing community. The team have put our time and skills into developing an optimized smart contract and mint process to ensure the best experience possible.


We have compiled a list of questions for any drivers who may have missed the briefing.

Am I minting a membership card or a car?

The mint is for membership cards to the ATEM Car Club. Your membership card will entitle you to one mint claim of the genesis ATEM vehicle assets.

What else does my membership entitle me to?

Your membership card is a full membership to the ATEM Car Club. There will be exclusive metaverse and IRL benefits in the future to holding this asset.

Can there be additional memberships minted after the initial mint?

No, these are the only genesis memberships that will be minted.

Is there a benefit to splitting NFTs between multiple wallets?

No, ASM Brains will be a 1:1 mint claim for memberships and then the public sale will begin.

ATEM Car Club — The definitive Web3 car community.

To stay up to date, connect with us on Twitter and join the community on Discord.